Salem's standing in the dark
Watching Sarah's sleeping body
Someone is in her bed

Twisting, turning in his fever
David will not even see her
I am invisible
I am the one to bring you down

I open up my hand
The 'Goofer Dust' is falling
It's now on Sarah's hand
You can almost see the dead
As they enter Sarah's head

Then deep into her stomach
I wonder how the baby feels
Violently she's sitting up
Screams of pain I know she's hurting
I only see the white in her eyes

Sarah speaks in unknown tongue
Then she spits a little blood
Time has come, I must be gone

In comes grandpa, what is he doing?
I thought I had him not moving
But the dead in Sarah's head
Will take her to an early grave
Salem is gone

Go back to sleep my dear
It's just another nightmare
Those goddamn voodoo drums
I will stay in here tonight
And keep an open eye
So you can sleep again

Sarah sleep
Sarah sleep
Sarah sleep
Sarah sleep

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