English frank
I see my life flash before me
You boy try to war me
You manna bore me
Telling the same old story
At thirteen I shot my first G
At sixteen I shot my first key
Mummy and daddy knew I was naughty
The streets tried to extort me
Its forty four time little manna know i bust forty forty
Back in the day, nah manna woulda fought me
but now nah manna wanna see me see forty
so Im
'haps if I reach twenty five
Call my best friend he died at twenty five
Nah it aint no lie
if i say Im living that real life
I aint safe on this war going on outside
are you really from the ends
do you really push a benz
have you really lost friends
do you really hold skens
do you really spit gems
really shot peng one of them
you know where Im coming from friend
fuck seventy-five thousand cds fam
five hundred keys and a green in my hand
a hundred Gs of cream cheese in the bank
you got problems with drugs then just talk to Frank
whenever i whether
whatever the weather I am
holding feud whether or not its in my hand
residual income yin yang fam
Blacklist click army orangatang gang, bang!
For rap shat famalam my fam will bang a man
badaman get battered up and battered with my hand
body parts buried in the belly of my lamb
boy betta know Ill bury anybody in your clan
Im better than you man
I bet a man a grand
Im better than better with a Beretta in my hand
I bet evun that there can never ever be a better fella ever in this shadow of a man
Rebbellion and drillin in the hand a son of a man
and fella medalin with gangs peddelin my grams
You said youre gonna bang
but are you gonna bang though DAMN NO
I thought to bloody buck shot your bang hoe
where im from Jill Dando is how it can go
in a movie round here
I know real rambo
poppa ta man is like pop a shango
with little man, love to pop a mango
.... coming at me from 3 months old,
Man, I'm still seeing dope from from seven years ago,
I got links seeing dope from 20 years ago,
5 years ago
Where the fuck was you though?
Ive been doing this for years
Blood, sweat, and tears.
When you was taught
I was ending careers.
on road i'm rapping, I never had no peers
I'm the best that ever did it,
betta get that clear,
Cuz', Im a
maniac, slash brainiac
only mack mans, way back with a big slappas,
a big track ,
a fact that the big man just rit that
so take a Kit-Kat and sit back with your shit raps,
Talking about 10 grand for?
I spent 10 grand on my floors and doors,
he's not a rolly' on, no whip, no money in the bank,
and he's still living at his moms poor.
These dumb MC's are talking about 4 5's
about 45 times in the rhymes.
If everybody had a body on the 9
then every other body would be bodied on my line
So if, all this murder talk ain't no lie,
more men would be murdered alie.
It's a lot, It's a lot, no it's a lie, it's a lie.
Cry wolf till the wolf make a sly
but die if you don't have to think twice if I break the ice like,
Fuck a red flag.
Fuck a blue flag.
Sorry fam, I just had to do that.
What colors when you bang, you only bang on you fam.
When I bang, I bang gyal, I bang i do man
Lift him off his feet and put him back in the new van.
Wrap him in a box, jimmy choo man,
But only do man if you have to do man.
Real gangsters know want to shoot man.
They'd rather get man lost for loot, fam.
Now Imma go in too deep for these yout man
Who really don't know about the truth fam.
Round here, we die for a reason
It's not over colors why we're squeezing
Its over bitches and drug money.
So if man robbed you or fucked your honey.
Or even talk bout your money.
it gets ugly, this ain't Bugs Bunny
Man will push the baby buggie with a bucky and a huggie
but, Donnie had a duppie on the buggie,
And to think I have to live around you, FUCK YOU.
I don't glamorize it,
I analyze it.
So analyze this,
My manors madness,
Many man and my man are madder than a mad hatter
It's a game of snakes and ladders and there's nothing but adders.

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