I'm driftin away hey into the darkness
ndizothatha u'mthwalo ndubeke emqolo mama
ubomi bunzima
so i lift my head up high
open my eyes and I will fly ohh
I'm barely copin
I'm feelin closin, looking up hopin
the heavens will open
mdali wezulu ndikhalela kuwe
open up, open up
I'm feelin closer now
the light shinin brighter but I'm losing my flow

Beautiful song really. Heart warming
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kudala ndisiwa ndivuka, ndifuna noluthando
ndifuna noluthando mmn
kudala ndifuna ubomi buvume
vungama ngonyama
vungama ohh

vulek... a, vule... ka
vuleka, vuleka vuleka amazulu
vuleka, amazulu
vuleka, amazulu oo... hhhhhh

I'm givin
they takin, trippin I'm fallin
tell me I'm nothing, don't care what they sayin now begging you darlin
stop loosin your flow
eey no more driftin, no more driftin away, livumil'icamagu
avulekile amazulu
I'm fightin for survival
ndiliqhawe, ndiliqhawe
ndiyi.. ngonyama e. ehh., Oo... ho
oh, ho o. ohh

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