(Karen) At Paramount it's "Oh la la"
The Warner Brothers "Cha Cha Cha"
And L.B. Mayer loves his smaltz
so MGM made the great waltz.
But the 20th Century Foxtrot...
It's precious but precious
It's not hot!
To make the big boys hire me, please make that rythm firey
(Come on boys and girls, make me over)
In this factory where dreams can come true,
Are you ready to make someone new?
You're the team that must teach me to do,
The 20th Century Fox Mambo!
Done the homework and I'll pass the test,
I'll do whatever my teacher suggests.
I can do it clothed or undressed,
The 20th Century Fox Mambo!
Make it up! Shake it up!
Let the fantasies begin!
Here's the dope:
To get cast, change the past
Make the light just right for cinemascope
Take a gamble cause it's safe to bet
Mister Zanick ain't seen nothin' yet!
When we're finished he'll never forget
This 20th Century Fox!
Chorus: Ah! Ah-ah! For fame... Play the game... Change your name... To the 20th Century Fox!
(All) Make it up! Shake it up!
(Karen) Make me feel like the main attraction
Change the clothes, fix the nose
And then 5,6,7,8, Action! (ACTION!)
Now I'm blonde but I ain't so dumb (No!)
Hollywood will be under my thumb (Yes!)
I'll change partners until I become...
The 20th Century Fox Mambo!

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