Lemme have some candy Cartman
Oh, lets see
Uh, nope looks like I dont have any jewish candy
yeah like you need all that chocalate fat boy
Bo Bo Buh Buh
Shh, The Movies Starting (Horray!)
Say Terrance What did the Spanish preist say to the Iranian gynecologist
I don't know Phillip what?
(farting noise)
How do they come up with this stuff?
You're such a pig fucker Phillip!
[ (Gasp) What Did He Say ]
Now Terrance, why would you call me a pig fucker
umm, lets see.
well first of all: You Fuck Pigs!
........Oh, Yeah
Well fuck my ass and call me a bitch
Oh! You shit faced cock master
(Wow! shit faced cock master)
Listen You Donkey Raping Shit Eater!
(donkey raping shit eater..)
(poopy baby shid eader)
You'd Fuck Your Uncle!
You'd Fuck Your Uncle!!

Shut your fucking face uncle fucker
youre a cock sucking ass licking uncle fucker
your an uncle fucker yes its true.
no body fucks uncles quite like you

Shut YOUR fucking fucking face uncle fucker
you're the one who fucks your uncle Uncle Fucker
You Dont eat or sleep or mow the lawn
You Just Fuck Your Uncle All Day Long!!!

(Farting noises in beat and rythm)
( Whats Going on Here )
(more farting)
What Garbage
Well, What Do You expect they're canadians

Shut Your fucking face uncle fucker
Your A Boner Biting bastard uncle fucker
Your an uncle fucker I must say!
You fucked your uncle yesterday!
Uncle Fucker Thats
u-n-c-l-e Fuck You!
Uncle Fucker!!!!!!!!!

Suck My Balls!

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