Shoulder to shoulder
How fast we've forgotten
Hand in hand, into the fray
No one remembers, except the departed
How it all started
And who is to blame
Shoulder to shoulder
Turned head to toe
On and on and on we go
Fated and fixed in a vassalage state
With the sabotage slut-shaming we create

After a lifetime of fighting and flat-lining
Clawing and clutching for air
Bent over backwards to prove that my backbone
Was actually there
I got my foot in the door
You call me a whore?
Because I'm not a man
How many acts, how many vendettas
Will it take you to want me just the way I am?

You want the apple pie
But I'm the knife, too sharp to swallow
You want the seen-not-heard
But I'm the bullet, not the hollow shell

But I can only be myself
And no one else
Still they're braying

She's driving me bat shit
Those shorts show her legs
She's proud of herself
LOOK! She's proud of herself
She should be docile
She should know her place
God, I'm sick of her face
Instead of a tightrope, it should be a clothesline
Instead of a microphone, it should be air
Who gives a shit about Susan B. Anthony's fight for equality
Look at her hair!

Come on, ladies
Settle down
It's just for show
Why all this nonsense of "who does she think she is?"
That cocky bitch will steal our husbands

It's a petty fight to the finish
Little girl, I hate to diminish your style
Thank god you got a pretty smile
Is there any fault in me
Being who and what I want to be?

Who would have thought that a girl with a dream
Could be such a controversial thing?
Why you so hard-up on making a scene?
Where do you get off on being so mean?
I didn't come here to win your approval
I didn't come here for fortune or fame
I came to stand up for girls that you've beaten down
Over and over and over and over again

This damsel is distressed
She doth protest, "It shouldn't be like this"
I'm not the enemy
I want to be loved like everybody else
You want the apple pie
But I'm the knife too sharp to swallow
You want the seen-not-heard
But I'm the bullet
I'm the bullet
I'm the bullet
NOT the hollow shell

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