There is simply nowhere it can run
Love heat burning me, why can't you see?


See those gray clouds over me, some kind of monochrome shouting at me
Sunlight casts a shadow here, the twilight changes, its color, it's drawing too near

Ahh, the world is getting blurry now, and even so, can my heart still love you somehow?
I know it's true - yet I do not know what I should do oh.
What can I do, what should I do?
I am a fool... His play tool!

Let's start fighting don't ask how, this war I will allow
Just seeing you so happy I could kill myself right now
Ardent L-O-V-E - That is a sin to me
I'll show you all my feelings 'cause emotion it's my key

The megaphone I used, to shout to your heart, it has been torn apart
But it does not matter now, how far I reach and why, 'cause I'll never make it to your eye sight

Ahh, the sky is now so clear, I didn't notice
The sun on my path doesn't suit my tears
I can't hold on, my feelings are out of my reach
What can I do, what should I do?

Because you know I'm not going to cry 'cause of you
I love you, see?

I was fighting from the start, I'm shooting at your heart
I didn't choose this path, you did and you will feel my wrath
I'll show off and let the wind, just blow by and show my skin
I'll steal your gaze away until I'll finally have the win

Are you ready for my act?
This war I'm fighting is a fact and is still a drawback
Love is blind, and love's a bliss
The only way for me to see is by your loving kiss

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